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Wood is an amazing material to work with, complicated and sometimes frustrating, but the end products are well worth the endeavour. If you’re looking for a base material of consistent colour and appearance then wood may well not be for you, being a completely natural material it has colour variations, blemishes, varying grain and other inconsistencies - but we like that, it adds greatly to the individuality of each order. A natural product has so much more character to it than man made materials and that character should come through rather than be hidden by using harsh chemicals.

For our wood products we only use timber suppliers with full sustainable supply chain certifications to internationally recognised environmental standards to ensure that all our wood types are responsibly sourced for your peace of mind. Doing things this way makes our timber more expensive - but the cost is worth it. Responsible planting, managing and harvesting of timber by a proper supply chain for wooden products is good for the environment.


Not all bamboo is the same and just saying something is made from bamboo does not necessarily make it eco - far from it. Which type of bamboo plant is used and has the bamboo been responsibly harvested at the right time from a sustainable plantation? What chemicals or polymers might be mixed in with it during production? What sort of adhesives were used potentially giving off harmful emissions? There are actually all sorts of questions people should be asking about any bamboo product.

After an awful lot of research, tests and visits to suppliers to check out their claims, there was only one source that ticked all of the boxes for us - MOSO® bamboo. All MOSO® material is made in production facilities that are ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental third party certified and complies with the most stringent international standards. All adhesives used by MOSO® easily meet the very strict E1 class following the EN 717 standard with respect to formaldehyde emissions and all MOSO®’s solid bamboo materials are proven and certified to be carbon neutral or better over their full life cycle.


We use aluminium over other metals as it is infinitely recyclable and highly durable, nearly 75 percent of all aluminium ever produced is actually still in use today. Aluminium is one of the only materials in the consumer disposal stream that more than pays for the cost of its own collection. All our factory waste is recycled for completely waste free manufacturing and if disposed of correctly gifts such as are aluminium coasters will be recycled. Aluminium is actually the most cost-effective material to recycle, because of the huge energy savings - up to 95% compared to virgin material production.

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